We will always try our best to accommodate you if you are running behind.  It happens and we get it! However, your tardiness can affect the remainder of our staff’s day by delaying them for their clients who come in on time.

Clients will generally be allowed a 5-7 minute grace period.  After that time, it will be up to the technician’s discretion to abbreviate your visit or depending on the time left, the entire service may be forfeited completely.

You and your appointments are very important to the staff of Jo Chicago Salon.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy- if your appointment is cancelled within the 24 hours of your scheduled time, there is a 50% charge of the service you were booked for.

Using a promotional voucher or pre-paid appointment? Your discount is forfeited and the amount that you paid is turned into a credit towards your next full price service. Pre-paid appointments are non-refundable.

Please be advised, when multiple services and parties are scheduled for an appointment, a credit card will be held and charged 50% if cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice. We appreciate your understanding!

Nail service policy

No chip fixes will be provided with no charge within 7 days of service date. Please be advised all fixes must be with the same polish color. If you choose a different color, a polish change will be charged. We have the right to deny services to patrons with skin or nail conditions that are beyond our scope of practice.